Random Password Generation in Python

Auto Password Generating In Python

Here is the code for simple auto password generating in python using any string like first name, or username or anything .

import random

def gen_random_password(string_letters):
    string_letters = string_letters.replace(' ',\[code\])
    string_letters = string_letters.replace('.',\[/code\])
    a = random.choice(string_letters)
    b = random.choice(string_letters)
    c = random.choice(string_letters)
    d = random.choice(string_letters)
    e = str(random.randint(100,500))
    f = str(random.randint(500,1000))
    return a+e+b+f+c+d]

And Please comment me how strong password can be generated using my above code. :)

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